Diane White - Psychic Medium Evening

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Live at The Roundhouse - Events Hall, Dagenham, United Kingdom
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Diane Was Born And Raised In Leytonstone, East London,And Over The Past Five Years Has Worked Hard To Become One Of The Most Loved And Respected Mediums Today.With Her Amazing Accuracy And No Nonsense Approach,Combined With A Wry Sense Of Humour, Diane Has Left Audiences Stunned With Her Messages From Loved Ones In The World Of Spirit. Despite Amazing Results With Her Healing, And Private One To One Readings With VIP's And Celebrities, Diane's Feet Remain Firmly Planted On The Ground.Her Goal Is To Bring Healing And Comfort To Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones, And To Show The Separation Is Just A Temporary One.

I’ve seen Spirit ever since I can remember as a child, and never thought of myself as “different” I was made to feel that way though because it would frighten people especially my dear Mum. What frightened her really was the precognition side of my gift, for example I “witnessed” an accident outside our family home exactly a week before it actually happened. I was walking home from school and right outside my house was a lady lying in the road who was clearly dead, a motor bike lying on its side with one of its wheels spinning round and round, the rider was thrown across the road and he looked directly at me, there was also a car involved. The whole scene was surrounded in a mist which I took at the time to be smoke. I ran into my house feeling shocked and frightened by what I’d seen, shouting for my Mum to come and see the accident, my Mum ran outside to investigate, but she walked back into the house and said come with me Diane.

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Live at The Roundhouse - Events Hall
The Roundhouse
United Kingdom